Trading Is Like Riding A Bicycle – It Is A Skill Once Learned Never Forgotten.

You Have Started Trading! Great! But, Are You Consistently Profitable As A Trader?

Ever Panicked And Closed A Trade Too Soon?

How About Waited Too Long To Close A Trade?

Do Your Emotions Influence Your Trading?

Could Your Risk Management Strategy Be Improved?

Would It Be An Issue If Your Trading Capital Begins To Reduce And The Dreaded ‘Draw Down’ Takes Grip Of Your Account?

Would A Trading Process That Allows You To Win More Trades Than You Loose Be Beneficial?!

At Least You Are Doing Your Own Trading! – Every Trader Experiences Problems And The Good News Is That People CAN Learn To Trade Profitably. – If You Doubt This Then You Should Read Up On The Turtle Traders – Link To Follow. ┬áRichard Dennis and Bill Eckhardt Proved That Traders Can Be Nurtured To Trade Profitably. All It Takes Is Having A Trading System With An Edge And Following The System.

You Know You Have A System With An Edge When Your Winning Trade Profits Are Greater Than Your Loosing Trades Losses.

Trading Profitably Then Reduces Two Fundamental Requirements

  • Have A Trading System That Has A Positive Or Profitable Edge
  • Following The System

Following The Trading System – Plan The Trade – Trade The Plan

This Is The Most Difficult For Most Traders – Deviation From The Plan Results In Losses More Often Than Profits. Pip4Pip Suggests Every Trader Should Keep A Trade Journal And Analyse Each Trade. That Way The Traders Trading Plan Can Be Tweaked – Learning From Losses – Making Profitable Trades More Often With Bigger Profits.

Would It Help To Take You Out Of Your Trading?

Seriously, If You Had A Robot Following Your Trading Strategy Would It Be (More) Profitable For You?

One Way Pip4Pip Helps Traders Become Better Traders Is To Automate Trading.

Have A Trading System That Has A Positive Or Profitable Edge

Do You Have A Trading Journal?

If You Follow Your Trading System To The Letter And You Do Make A Profit Then You Are Ready To Automate Your System And Turn Into A Pip4Pip Profitable Process.

If A Trader Does Not Have A System Of Trading Then (S)He Is A Gambler Rather Than A Trader.

Pip4Pip Helps Traders Become Better Traders Pip4Pip.

You Could Go Buy A Signal Or A Strategy There Are Lots Available – At Best This Is A Short Term Solution – Markets Change – Signals Go Bad – Back In The Same ‘Draw Down’ Problem? Maybe Better To Be The Author Of Your Trading System/Strategy That Way A Trader Can Modify And Adjust In Sync With Market Conditions?

Interestingly, There Are At Least Two Documented Systems Of Trading That Have Weathered The Market Storms And Remain Profitable After 20 Or More Years Of Trading. Would That Suggest Blaming The Changing Market Is Unfair?

Those Two Systems Are Documented In Detail In The First Two Books Reference Books Section.

Maybe A Place To Start? A Working System To Start Trading And Adjusting To Your Style?

Pip4Pip Does Not Sell Systems Or Signals – Because The Systems, Signals, Indicators And Expert Advisors We Develop And Program Belong Strictly To Our Clients.

Would It Help To Take Control Of Your Account And Learn How To Create Your Own Robust Trading Process With A Winning Edge?

Might That Help To Start Trading For A Better Profit?

Our Mentorship Program
Guides FOREX and Other Traders In The Creation And Maintenance Of Profitable Robust Trading Processes.
We Mentor You To Develop The Skill Of Defining Your Own Trading Process – Faster – So You Can Trade For A Profit And Reduce Trading Risk.


Places Are Limited
Pip4Pip Believes Quality One On One Mentoring Is Important!

Alternately You Could Join Our New Forum – Pip4Pip Will Endeavour To Answer Questions In The Forum So As To Build You As A Trader. There Are No Stupid Questions – So Ask Your Question In The Forum And Get An Opinion For Free From Other Traders.

– Group Mentorships Are Also An Option To Build Knowledge