Looking For A Short Cut To Trading Profitably?

The First Thing You Need To Do Is Find A Reliable Broker – Pip4Pip Suggests Our Broker, HFM, For A Number Of Reasons Discussed In More Detail

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Certainly You Should Not Trade A Real Account At This Time – That Is Why Pip4Pip Recommends You Open A Demo Account To Learn With No Financial Cost Or Risk.

The Next Thing Is To Learn How To Operate The Trading Platform (MetaTrader, cTrader, TradeView etc). This Is Not Difficult But It Will Take You A Bit Of Time.

To Begin With The End In Mind – Pip4Pip Suggests MetaTrader 4.

The Reason Pip4Pip Suggests MetaTrader 4 Is That It Is Stable, Easy To Use But Most Important, When You Are Ready To Put Your Trading Business On Auto Pilot, MetaTrader 4 Is Easy To Program To Do The Job (That Is Our Forte – We Have Been Doing That For Other Traders Since 2011). Over All MetaTrader 4 Will Serve You Every Step Of The Way From Beginner Trader To Expert Trader To Wealthy Trader…

MetaTrader 4 Has Been In Use Since 2005 And Remains Popular For Many Good Reasons.

You Can

From Our Broker HFM.

Now Your Real Task Begins :- You Need To Find A Trading System That You Can Use To Achieve The Trading Plan You Have. The Trading System Is Often Referred To As A Trading Strategy. You Need To Concentrate On Opening Trades That Have A Good Chance Of Being Profitable And You Need To Work On Timing To Enter And Exit Each Trade. This Is Not An Over Night Get Rich Scheme… If You Are Planning To Trade For A Profit, You Should Keep A Trading Journal Use This Book To Keep Notes ON EVERY TRADE You Make. If The Trade Is Profitable You Know What To Keep Doing. If The Trade Looses You Money Your Trade Journal Will Help You Identify The Reason. Your Trade Journal Is The Secret To Making Every Trade Profitable. Do Not Misunderstand, You Will Have Loosing Trades – You Need To Learn From Them.

Would It Be Easier To Model Your Trading System On An Existing Tested Profitable Process?

Need A Good Book Detailing A Tried And Tested Profitable Trading Process? – (Click The Picture) Or Take A Look At Our Short Review (This Book Is Not A ‘Hero Story’ – It Is A Detailed Account Of The Greatest Experiment In Trading History.).

Your Mission Is To Find A Way To Place A Trade, Exit A Trade, Manage The Risk Of The Trade In Such A Way That You Are Not Scared Of Loosing A Trade Because You Know Your System Has An Edge. You Know You Have An Edge When The Profitable Trades Consistently Make More Money Than The Loosing Trades.

So Open A Demo Account, Download MetaTrader 4 (Both Available From Our Broker HFM) And Start Developing Your Edge Now!

Need Some Trading Money To Start? Why Not Enter A Competition Using Your Demo Account? That Way You Can Check Your Trading Skills With No Financial Risk But Still Have The Chance To Gain Financially.

Please Note Trading FOREX Can Be Profitable Only If You Put In The Time Learning To Make A Proper Trading Plan Based On A Trading Process With An Edge. This Is About Making A Business And Learning All The Necessary Skills To Keep The Business Profitable.

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Here Is Your 8 Step Plan To Start Trading For Gain

  1. Register And Open A Demo Account With A Reputable Broker
  2. Check Your Email For Your Account Credentials – Password, Account Number And Server Details.
  3. Download MetaTrader4 From Broker On To Your PC or LapTop –
  4. Using An Android Or Other Device Download MetaTrader 4 From Google Play Store Or Equivalent.
  5. Open MetaTrader 4 And Configure The Credentials.
  6. Learn How To Place A Trade
  7. Try Out Some Of The Indicators – Work Out When To Place A Trade
  8. Develop A Risk Management Plan – Use StopLoss To Make Sure You Trade With Minimum Loss And Maximum Gain

Just So We Are On The Same Page, Pip4Pip DOES NOT SELL Trading Plans Or Strategies Or Signals – Those Should Be A Product Of Your Unique Personality And Learning Curve (Starting Now) As A Trader.

When You Have A Trading Plan That Works For You Then Pip4Pip Can Help You To

  • Trade Consistently
  • Never Miss A Trade
  • Always Apply Your Risk Management Stop-Losses & Profit Takes
  • Clear The Clutter Off Your Trading Screen
  • Automate Your Trading – When You Are Doing All The Above

The Only Short Cut Pip4Pip Can Offer Is For You To Learn To Trade In Our Trade Zone On A Free Demo Account – At Least You Can Start Working On Your Trading Skills Without Registering With A Broker Now ( Or Explore MetaTrader4).

– Of Course, If You Are Serious About Making Trading Your Profession Or Profitable Side Line Then You May Prefer To ‘Begin With The End In Mind’ – Open Your Own Demo And Live Account Now So That When You Have Developed And Tested Your Trade Plan And Edge In A Demo Account All You Need Do Is Fund Your Live Account And Start Trading For Real. All Your Testing Should Be Done In A Demo Account. All The Tools Pip4Pip Develops Work In Both Demo Accounts AND Live Trading Accounts – You Determine Where The Tool Runs. Your Live Account IS Where You Risk Trading Capital To Make A Profit.

Warning : Trading Addictive You Must Be Of Age To Trade….. AND Trading Is Profitable ONLY IF YOU TAKE THE TIME TO DEVELOP AND MAINTAIN YOUR TRADING EDGE. Pip4Pip Specialises In Automate Trading Edges – You Bring The Edge, Pip4Pip Automates Your Edge For Your Exclusive Use.

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