Pip4Pip.com Cookie Policy

When you visit Pip4Pip.com cookies are stored on your computer. These are used to better understand your needs and to retain information needed should you revisit Pip4Pip.com in the near future. For example to see if the trades you made have been profitable (on the demo account opened for you on the Pip4Pip MetaTrader page).

Some cookies are placed on your computer by Pip4Pip.com some are placed by google.com others by metatrader and still others by third party affiliated entities.

Whilst Pip4Pip.com vouches that any cookie created by Pip4Pip is harmless to your computer. Pip4Pip.com has no control over any third party cookies (from amazon.com, google.com, metatrader any affiliated broker site or other entity) and accordingly your use of our site is ‘at your own risk’. Should you have any concern please take it up with the author of the cookie that concerns you.

Should you prefer not to have cookies stored simply instruct your browser accordingly – it will result in a degraded experience but Pip4Pip.com will none the less allow you access. (google how to ‘audit and control cookies’ with your specific browser – too many browsers for us to detail instructions for)

Pip4Pip.com Email Policy

Pip4Pip will send you an email if you fill in a form and supply a valid email address or send an email to our email address. Should you respond to said email then we will correspond further.

Pip4Pip maintains an exclusive mailing list. Your email address will not be added to this list unless we expressly invite you to join the list and you explicitly respond by email to the invitation that you would like your email address added to said list in order that you might receive updates and trade technique sent out by Pip4Pip.com from time to time to members of the mailing list.

Pip4Pip.com does not volunteer your email address to anyone for any reason.

Pip4Pip.com believes that you the visitor/client should control the beginning and end of conversations therefore we promise to respond to your email and promise not to initiate a discussion by email unless requested.

We will not send you ‘marketing material’ unless you specifically request it – nor will we harass you for a response to any email – if the content of our communication is important to you it is up to you to respond.

if at anytime after you have been placed on our exclusive mailing list you decide you decide against further mail from our list based correspondence just click the unsubscribe link in the email and you will be removed automatically from our exclusive email list.

Pip4Pip.com Trading Tips, Suggestions or Recommendations

Pip4Pip.com, its staff and owners do not at any time suggest or recommend any trade involving your money. Your trades are made entirely at your discretion by you. Pip4Pip.com places forex trades for nobody. Do your own forex trading – that’s how you learn. Any Trade Suggestion,Tip Or Trade Recommendation perceived to be made by Pip4Pip.com at any time is intended by way of an example. Your action is your responsibility.

Pip4Pip.com Conditions Of Engagement

Pip4Pip.com is here to create a part of Your Trading System in the form of an Indicator, Robot or an Expert Advisor for use on the MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 platform based on the following work flow:-

  1. You completely specify your system/method/requirement in writing.
  2. Pip4Pip.com helps to refine your specification by asking questions.
  3. We agree on the price for the work to be done.
  4. Pip4Pip.com codes according to your specification.
  5. Pip4Pip.com tests your Expert Advisor, Robot Trader or Indicator on a demo account.
  6. You check the trades made were per your specification in the case of an Expert Advisor Or Robot Trader – when you are satisfied, you make payment per our agreement alternately we return to 2 above and correct either the code or the specification.

All testing of your Indicator. Robot Trader or Expert Advisor during the above process must be done on a demonstration account. At no time will Pip4Pip.com endorse or take responsibility for your testing on a live (real money) account.

Pip4Pip.com guarantees never to share, sell or give your paid for bespoke Indicator, Expert Advisor or Robot Trader to any third party without your express written permission furnished by email. By initiating a development process with Pip4Pip, you grant in perpetuity without any reservation that Pip4Pip and its staff may use, test and update your Indicator, Expert Advisor or Robot Trader – provided that no third party be given access to the code or product. Pip4Pip has the right (but not the obligation) to use any third party audit and verification services who shall be given no more than access to trading/test results by way of an Investor Password. (An Investor Password  lets a user log into an MT4 account in a read-only view, allowing the user to monitor trades but not place or close trades. Investor Passwords are commonly used by clients who want to follow the performance of an account that is being managed for them.)

Pip4Pip.com Policy On Learning And Education

Pip4Pip.com believe in and endorse education in all forms. There is no such thing as a failed trade provided something is learned from the experience. Beyond that there is more to learn. To underline our commitment to education Pip4Pip.com are proud sponsors of mentor.pip4pip.com where teachers, educators, mentors and all learners are invited to learn and share knowledge… no limits on good things taught or learned.

In all Forex related topics offered by Pip4Pip.com at mentor.pip4pip.com the following applies :-

Information shared by a learner or a mentee in

  • A forum is given by the sharing learner or teacher freely to other class members and forum members.
  • Answer to a question other than in a forum is held in confidence by mentor.pip4pip.com, its sponsors and the learners teacher/educator/mentor.

Pip4Pip.com Policy On Affiliate Relationships

Pip4Pip confirms that all adverts for third parties on this site may be as a result of some affiliate relationship. Your visiting the third party site may or may not result in Pip4Pip earning an introduction commission or affiliate fee from the third party. Note worthy examples of such affiliations are Amazon and HF Markets. Pip4Pip are proud to be affiliated with such entities. Any relationship you enter into with an affiliated third party is between you and the third party. In the unlikely event that you encounter some or other issue with such third party then we would like to hear about the issue. Pip4Pip does not take any responsibility for any damage whatsoever encountered by yourself or the third party resulting from any interaction/relationship between you and the third party.

Pip4Pip.com Policy On This Policy And Other Content

Pip4Pip.com reserves the right to modify and update this policy and the content of any page on our web site at any time, for any reason whatsoever. By your further use of our website(s) you endorse the current policy. If for some reason you rely on the content of a previous policy (other than this one) the onus on you to produce a copy and to prove the content on which you rely was originally authored by ourselves. Acceptable proof of origin is also your burden.

You are invited to request a pdf version of the current policy from us at anytime by email just go to the Contact Me page and start a conversation to request the same.

Pip4Pip.com Policy Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT etc)

Pip4Pip.com has not and will not subject you to a post (page of text) or an email generated by Artificial Intelligence in any form. If you feel the need to use artificial intelligence (based on old human research) vs current human research please look elsewhere.

Pip4Pip.com Policy On Hackers/Stranger Danger etc

Pip4Pip is flattered that people want to visit our server/site – this just confirms Pip4Pip has and is something of value. We are however confused that some visitors try to get in a backdoor or a window before trying the front entrance, www.pip4pip.com, where we would expect and welcome bone fide visitors. Presuming such backdoor/window visitors are not visiting in good faith or are just desperate for inside information, Pip4Pip maintains a policy of taking preventative cybersecurity measures before access is gained and also reporting all such visitors to :

Should you find that you or your staff made a mistake regarding the correct way of visiting Pip4Pip, do contact Pip4Pip – access our home via the front door (we are open to the public 24/7) , explain the situation and request we retract our indicator/report to the above.

For what it is worth, we do not keep client intellectual property, development work, Indicator, Expert Advisor, Robot Trader or source code online – Such information is invaluable and we treat it with the confidentiality it deserves.

Pip4Pip Always Appreciate A Home Visit 


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Policy, Terms and Conditions : V1.01 – dated 30/01/2024

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