Three Books Every Trader Should Own : Trading For A Living – The Complete Turtle Trader – The Swiss Axioms

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Which Indicators are best? – How Do I Use An Indicator To Trade Better?

Trading For A Living

By Dr Alexander Elder

ISBN 0-471-59224-2

Psychology, Trading Tactics, Money Management.

This Book Details Every Significant Indicator. Then Explains How To Calculate And Use Each Indicator To Find And Time The Best Entry/Exit Point For Every Trade.

“I purchased this book in 1994.

It is a timeless work dealing with the Standard Indicators (statistics) used to measure price, volume and how to use each statistic to make the best trade timing possible.

I used the maths in this book almost exclusively to develop Portfolio Investigator – A Technical Analysis Program For Share Trading.” – Andy

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How To Manage Trading Risk? Is There A Formula To Stop Loss?

THE Complete Turtle Trader

By Michael W Covel

ISBN 978-0-06-124171-0

How 23 Novice Investors Became Overnight Millionaires.

Where do you think Richard Donchian learned to follow trends?

The True Story of what and how the Wall Street Legend Richard Dennis, a established trader taught to a group of ‘want to be’ traders. It changed their lives.

“This book changed my way of thinking – the wisdom contained in its pages is applied to every trade I make. ” – Andy

Purchase This Book It Will Change Your Trading Life By Helping You Manage Risk On Trades And Loose Less Capital.

This is the book if you need a better risk management in your trading strategy.

Become A Better Trader = Apply the methods in this book to your trading.

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Good Advice : Why Do Some Traders Profit More Than Others?

The Zurich Axioms

By Max Gunther

ISBN 0-452-25659-3

Investment Secrets Of The Swiss Bankers

Ever felt like the traders you know are making money out of trading Moose Poo, while you are loosing money on ‘good’ trades on blue chip stocks?

Or Is it that you find yourself loosing money whilst the Forex Traders you know are making huge profits?

The Psychology and insight contained in this book will change your life (not just your trades).

Read about how a young military veteran learned from the Swiss Bankers (S.B.). How his need for trading knowledge forced them (the Swiss Bankers) to question amongst themselves how and why they traded the way they did.

“I will never dispose of my copy” – Andy

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