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So, You Have A Trading Plan, A Trading System Or A Trading Strategy And You Making A Consistent Profit?

That Is Excellent! No Really, Not Many Traders Make It To This Point.

Do You Have A Trading Process? What About Automating?

If Your System Is Tried, Tested And Profitable, Would Automating Ensure That Your Trading Rules Are Strictly Adhered To And Followed Without Question?

Would That Make You More Profitable?

Would It Help To Have A Buy Or Sell Level On Your Chart – Replacing All The Technical Analysis That Happens There?

How About Helping Me Enforce My Rules, Calculate The Trade Size, Risk Management Stop Loss And Profit Take So All I Need To Do Is Place The Trade?

Would It Be More Profitable To Monitor And Adjust The Stop-Loss Or Other Parameters Automatically Whilst The Trade Is Open?

Reached A Point Where Placing Trades Manually Is Holding You Back From Trading In Your Sleep Time?

Now That You Are Making A Profit, You May Wish To Read About The Psychology Of Making Significant Trades? Help To Stay Out Of The Historians Trap?

Here Is A Book That Explains The Rules Of Trading From The Fabled Swiss Perspective!